SolidPC from Averant is a tool for verifying that designs adhere to the ARM AMBA 2.0 AHB, APB and AMBA 3.0 AXI protocol rules. Based on formal methods for exhaustive passes, with protocol rules written and endorsed by ARM, SolidPC is the tool of choice for AMBA protocol verification. The tool is easy to use, and requires no experience of formal methods.

To address the issues of protocol compliance, ARM & Averant Inc. have collaborated to develop SolidPC. The tool implements a formal and exhaustive proof of correctness against a given set of properties. Each property (or rule) describes a specific aspect of the required AMBA protocol and, taken as a whole, the complete property set will fully verify a design against the required AMBA protocol.

No test vectors, testbenches, coverage points or simulations are required.

SolidPC with its intuitive user interface, guides the user through the necessary steps to establish that a given design under test is compliant with the AMBA protocols.



Failing rules are listed along with an explanation of exactly why they have failed, and a reference to the section in the AMBA specification where the rule is defined. In addition SolidPC will produce a simulation monitor for debugging within a simulator. At any point in the verification process a report is available showing the verification status of each rule.

The combination of ARM developed and endorsed AMBA rule sets, the formal nature of the Solidify engine and ease of use, makes SolidPC the tool of choice for AMBA protocol verification.

Formal Verification of AMBA Bus Protocols
SolidPC for AHB Datasheet
SolidPC for AXI Datasheet