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License Server Troubleshooting

Relevant product(s): Siemens EDA
Operating systems: Windows, Linux
Versions affected: All
Relevant area(s): Licensing


If you have already followed our guides on how to install the License Server and are still having issues checking out your license, please see the article below which goes over some common approaches to resolve outstanding issues.


Check the MAC address listed in the license file is correct. Open a CMD prompt and issue the getmac command, the value returned must match what is on the SERVER line in your license file, e.g.

getmac returns 45A6B34D28A8

SERVER put_server_name_here 45A6B34D28A8 1717
DAEMON mgcld path_to_mgcld

Verify the Environment Variables have been set correctly.

If you’ve set up the SALT_LICENSE_SERVER Environment Variable, add an additional Environment Variable called LM_LICENSE_FILE. Use the same value as your SALT_LICENSE_SERVER variable i.e. “port”@”hostname”, as they are listed in your license file, e.g.

Value = 1717@Cashew

Check the License Server status. Navigate to the License Server installation directory, open a CMD prompt, and execute the command “lmutil lmstat”, the output should look similar to the below: (requires the LM_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variable)

C:\flexlm>lmutil lmstat
lmutil – Copyright (c) 1989-2022 Flexera. All Rights Reserved.
Flexible License Manager status on Fri 6/14/2024 10:32

[Detecting lmgrd processes…]
License server status: 1717@Cashew
License file(s) on Cashew: C:\flexlm\Site_17411.txt:

Cashew: license server UP (MASTER) v11.16.4

Vendor daemon status (on Cashew):

saltd: UP v11.19.0
mgcld: UP v11.19.0

Check that both the license server (lmgrd) and the daemon (saltd/mgcld) are up and running, and that the correct versions are running for the Siemens EDA product you are attempting to use. The required versions of these utilities are listed in your products release notes.

Check the debug log file. Navigate to the debug log file, “C:\flexlm\debug.log” in this example (location set on the “Config Services” tab of lmtools.exe), open and inspect the document. Latest entries are at bottom of document.

If the license server is on another machine from the end user, issues can arise from the communication between the devices.

a) Confirm that all devices are on the same network and can see each other. Open a CMD prompt on the end user machine and enter “ping” followed by the name of the Computer/Server hosting the License Server, e.g. “ping Cashew”. Confirm that a reply and all packets are received.

b) After confirming that the Environment Variables have been correctly set on the end user device, open a CMD prompt from this machine, and execute the command “lmutil lmstat”. The output should look the same as it does when run from the machine hosting the license server (as above).

c) If “lmutil lmstat” returns an error on the end user machine, and not the machine hosting the license server, this could be due to your firewalls. This can be fixed with the following changes:

  • Specify a Static Port for your vendor daemon. Open your license file and add “PORT=(Unused Port Number)” to the end of the Daemon line, e.g.
    • DAEMON saltd C:\flexlm\saltd.exe PORT=60859
  • In your firewall settings open the port for the vendor daemon and the port specified on the Server line of your license file
    • For Windows Defender: Advanced Settings > Create New Rule > Port > TCP > Specific local ports: (e.g. 60859, 1717) > Allow the connection > (Select all profiles) > Name: (e.g. FlexLM)
  • In your system settings make exceptions for the licensing processes, including: lmgrd.exe and mgcld.exe/saltd.exe
Test the fix

1. Navigate to the License Server installation directory and open lmtools.exe.

2. Click on the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab, tick the “Force Server Shutdown” option, and click “Stop Server”. Wait for 15 seconds. Click “Start Server”.

3. Open the debug log (C:\flexlm\debug.log in this example) and check for any errors.

4. Open your Siemens EDA tool (e.g. Questa) and confirm that it opens with no errors.

N.B. Some compilers do not check out a license on open, so simulate a design to confirm the license has been installed correctly.


If further support is required, please get in contact with us –


Useful Links

Download the latest version of the license daemons and utilities: https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/1586485382/downloads

Learn more about Siemens Advanced Licensing Technology (SALT): https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/knowledge-base/MG612613?pid=resource&pid_context=KB%20MG612613%20Embed&audience=external

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