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SALT Licensing – Manual Installation Guide (Floating)

Relevant product(s): Siemens EDA
Operating systems: Windows
Versions affected: 2023.x releases and above  
Relevant area(s): Licensing


The Siemens License Server (SLS) software installs the saltd vendor daemon and sets up the License Server automatically. However, in situations where manual installation of floating licenses is needed, this article describes the step by step approach to configure licensing.


Step 1 – Download the tools

1. Download the latest Siemens License Server software from Siemens Support Center:


2. Run the installer and skip any options to add license files, webkey, etc…. This installs all of the required license daemons and utilities (lmgrd, lmtools, lmutil, saltd) in the chosen installation directory. For this technical note we assume “C:\flexlm” as the installation directory.

Step 2 – Modify the License File

1. Open your license file and find the SERVER and DAEMON lines as shown below:

License File Modifications

2. Make the following changes:

a. Replace “put_server_name_here” with the name of your Computer/Server.

N.B. You can obtain the Computer/Server name by issuing the command “hostname” in a CMD prompt

b. Change the Daemon Name from “mgcld” to “saltd”.

c. Replace “path_to_mgcld” with the file path to the saltd file we installed in Step 1, e.g. “C:\flexlm\saltd.exe”.

Your Server and Daemon lines should now look similar to this:

SERVER Cashew 12AB34CD56EF 1717
DAEMON saltd C:\flexlm\saltd.exe

Step 3 – Create the Environment Variable

1. Via the search bar on your Windows desktop, search for and open the Environment Variables window.

Environment Variables Window

2. Create a new User variable called SALT_LICENSE_SERVER, with a value of “port”@”hostname” as they are listed in your license file, e.g.

Value = 1717@Cashew

Step 4 – Create the Service

1. Navigate to the installation directory from Step 1 “C:\flexlm” and open lmtools.exe.

2. Complete the “Config Services” tab as shown below (modifying Names and Paths as required).

License Server Configuration

3. Click the “Save Service” button, and then navigate to the “Start/Stop/Reread” tab.

4. Click the “Start Server” button.

Step 5 – Test

1. Open the debug log (C:\flexlm\debug.log in this example) and check for any errors.

2. Open your Siemens EDA tool (e.g. Questa) and confirm that it opens with no errors.

N.B. Some compilers do not check out a license on open, so simulate a design to confirm the license has been installed correctly.


If further support is required, please get in contact with us –


Useful Links

License Server troubleshooting: https://www.saros.co.uk/knowledge-base/license-server-troubleshooting/

Download the Siemens License Server (SLS): https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/1586485382/downloads

Learn more about Siemens Advanced Licensing Technology (SALT): https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/knowledge-base/MG612613?pid=resource&pid_context=KB%20MG612613%20Embed&audience=external

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