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Saros offers a wide range of industry leading solutions which enables customers to deliver life-changing innovations faster and to become the market leaders that are driving digitalisation worldwide. We can help you manage your electronic design data management, design implementation, simulation, and verification, with our experienced engineers standing by ready to support you.

FPGA / ASIC Design

Design Creation and Reuse

Whether designing an FPGA or ASIC, the devices have advanced capabilities and complex features that, when put under tight development cycles, burden the design teams to produce efficient and robust chips. Hence, the design teams have placed more demands on HDL processes, automation, and style guidelines for developing quality design results.

Standard languages (such as VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog) and IP formats, along with common industry version management systems aid in producing repeatable and dependable design processes, but the tools that utilise these standards need to do much more than edit text files. Mentor Graphics delivers a complete design solution for FPGA and ASIC HDL development beginning with comprehensive design creation addressing new code creation, formal and informal design reuse, and any combination in between. These HDL design capabilities greatly assist engineers, individuals and teams, in creating, analysing, and managing their complex designs, improving their productivity and accelerating design creation.

Effective design reuse is a critical objective for every electronic design company as 75% of future productivity gains will come through reuse. Executives, managers, and engineers all have a big stake in reuse, but nearly everyone underestimates the challenges associated with it.

HDL Designer

With deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, HDL Designer delivers a powerful HDL design environment.

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FPGA / ASIC Synthesis

With increasing competitive pressures and shorter product life cycles, designers have less time to develop high performance and complex ASIC designs.

At the same time, the development cost of an ASIC is increasing rapidly, making it less feasible to use ASIC devices for many cost-sensitive applications without extensive testing and simulation. As FPGA devices have become larger and faster, verifying functionality of costly ASIC designs in FPGAs has become an effective and economical method of verification. However, some ASIC structures cannot be directly implemented in an FPGA efficiently. Precision Synthesis helps ease the transition from ASIC to FPGA design by allowing the same HDL code and constraint syntax to be used. To obtain optimal performance, automatic conversions of ASIC design structures are utilised.

Precision Synthesis offers high quality of results, industry-unique features, and integration across Mentor Graphics’ FPGA Flow – the industry’s most comprehensive FPGA vendor independent solution.

Precision Series

Provides FPGA vendor-independent logic synthesis, offering reduced time to market, fewer design defects, and superior quality of results. The powerful optimisation engines, context sensitive GUI, and advanced timing algorithms result in faster designs with higher device utilisations.

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LeonardoSpectrum offers customers a well-proven, mature synthesis solution for both FPGAs and ASICs.

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High-Level Synthesis & Verification

Worried your next RTL project will be late? Will your new “secret sauce” design suffice or will it consume too much power? How will you verify it’s functionally correct and optimally crafted before committing to RTL? Catapult High-Level Synthesis (HLS) & High-Level Verification (HLV) changes the game.

The Catapult High-Level Synthesis platform empowers designers to use industry-standard C++ and / or SystemC to describe functional intent, enabling them to move up to a more productive abstraction level for both design and verification of ASICs and FPGAs.

For designs and IP where time-to-market is critical, power / performance information is needed early and specifications are frequently changing (automotive vision, image processing, deep learning, video CODEC, 5G/IoT communications, etc...), Catapult HLS provides the only effective way to meet these pressures without compromising quality and functionality.


Industry leading C++ / SystemC High-Level Synthesis with Low-Power estimation / optimization. Design checking, code, and functional coverage verification plus formal make HLS more than just “C-to-RTL."

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Simulation & Verification

FPGA devices have gone through radical changes in the last decade, becoming so complex they now resemble complete systems. As a result, they require advanced verification technology to improve FPGA debugging, deliver code coverage, and enhance verification throughput.

This change in FPGA capabilities has resulted in the emergence of advanced FPGA solutions, which include the integration of third-party IP, DSPs, and multiple processors, all connected through advanced high-speed bus protocols.

Mentor Graphics delivers the FPGA verification tools and expertise you need to get high-quality products out the door faster.


The combination of industry-leading, native SKS performance with the best integrated debug and analysis environment makes ModelSim the simulator of choice for both ASIC and FPGA design.

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Combines high performance and capacity simulation with unified advanced debug and functional coverage for the most complete native support of Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL, SystemC, PSL, UPF and UVM.

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Requirements Tracing

Clearly tracking hardware implementation for specified requirement validation has become a preferred development practice that is well suited for safety critical projects in medical, transportation, aerospace and military, but is equally significant for any complex ASIC or FPGA design.

The ability to completely trace and manage design requirements from specification through implementation is simply “good project management”. ReqTracer facilitates the deployment of a requirements management process while allowing the project teams to focus on their implementation and verification work for maximum efficiency.


Simplifies, automates, and enables requirements traceability from specification of the hardware specification through HDL coding, implementation, and validation.

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IC Verification

Advanced Verification

Large, complex System-on-Chips (SoCs) require boosting verification productivity and managing resources more efficiently. Delivering product quality within tight schedules requires maximising verification effectiveness to speed time to coverage closure, hit quality goals and improve debug productivity.

The inclusion of multiple embedded processors and advanced interconnect systems, increasing software content, more functionality, and the configurability required by multi-platform based designs all require a functional verification solution that unifies a broad arsenal of verification solutions.

The Questa verification solution transforms verification, dramatically increasing verification productivity and managing resources more efficiently. Built on several powerful technologies, Questa continues to evolve in response to the growing complexity of SoC designs.


The Questa verification solution is an assemblage of technologies, methodologies, and libraries for modern ASIC and FPGA designs. Questa continues to evolve in response to the growing complexity of SoC designs.

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Debug & Functional Coverage

Debug is one of the most important verification technologies and is critical for achieving productivity in today's complex designs. Companies need debug tools that provide maximum performance, capacity and automation for the complete system-on-chip design and verification cycle.

More complex designs that include more software create new requirements for block-to-system verification reuse and the need for system verification and debug. To avoid wasting cycles at the system level, it is critical to identify bugs as early as possible and improve debug productivity.

Questa Visualizer

Visualizer is a high-performance, high-capacity context aware debugger that supports a complete logic verification flow, including simulation, emulation, and prototyping.

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Formal Verification

Designers of today’s electronics can’t afford to overlook the integrity of their design in any or all aspects including correctness, safety, trust, and security. Companies have an obligation to meet functionality, safety, and security requirements or they are met with swift ramifications. Once that occurs, consumer trust is eroded and difficult to get back. Turning out a product that has unknown performance or power issues, for example, can spell doom when detected in the field.

Meeting these requirements becomes tougher and tougher as innovation progresses, however. This up-shift means that companies have to be hyper-diligent not only about the functional correctness of their designs but also the safety, trust, and security. The design must operate as intended in even the most adverse environmental conditions and be immune to any unwarranted interference. To say it concisely, companies must be fully invested in the entire integrity of their IC – functional correctness, safety, trust, and security.

OneSpin 360

OneSpin's products assure the integrity of SoCs, ASICs, and FPGAs. The unique exhaustive technology reduces time-to-market while providing 100% confidence that the design has been fully verified.

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Questa Formal Verification

The Questa Formal Verification tool complements simulation-based RTL design verification by analysing all possible behaviors of the design to detect any reachable error states.

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FPGA Prototyping

A significant evolution is underway in SoC verification, especially in the areas of AI, 5G and Automotive. Design complexity has created the need for extensive internal visibility into the design to understand subtle problems that can occur during silicon bring-up. FPGA based prototyping has become an essential tool in today's SoC and ASIC design and verification.

The Veloce hardware-assisted verification system is the first complete, integrated offering that combines best-in-class virtual platform, hardware emulation, and FPGA prototyping technologies and paves the way to leverage the latest powerful hardware-assisted verification methodologies.

Veloce proFPGA dramatically lowers the adoption barrier of the FPGA desktop prototype solution. Together with the performance that is possible to reach thanks to its architecture innovations, the solution is easy to deploy and engineers can now bring-up on their own lab environment quickly and reliably.

Veloce proFPGA

The Veloce proFPGA system architecture offers best-in-class modularity, scalability, flexibility and portability to serve the verification requirements of today’s hardware and software engineers.

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Physical Verification

New process technologies, combined with new and expanded design functionality, add up to an ever-increasing pressure for increased automation of verification and design optimisation within a set of foundry-qualified tools, all while maintaining the highest accuracy without driving up runtimes. Whether their products are custom analog, digital, mixed-signal, or system-on-chip (SoC) designs, companies need EDA tools that can deliver trusted results and help them meet their market goals.

Tight collaboration with foundries, IC design houses, and industry standards organisations ensures Calibre tools continuously provide innovative functionality that meets or exceeds state-of-the-art requirements and delivers real competitive value.

Calibre Design Solutions

Calibre Design Solutions delivers a complete IC verification and DFM optimisation platform that speeds designs from creation to manufacturing, addressing all sign-off requirements.

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PCB Design

HyperLynx Series

The HyperLynx suite of tools eliminates signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early in the design cycle—enabling you to verify your layout before manufacturing. These simulation tools come ready to use in virtually any design flow and offer unprecedented ease-of-use.

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BluePrint is a revolutionary new document authoring tool that automates the PCB documentation process. It is also a state-of-the-art process for sharing and viewing documentation. BluePrint-PCB serves as a central repository for archiving and building anywhere anytime.

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CAM350 offers a complete PCB Fabrication Flow that Streamlines the transition of engineering data into a physical PCB. This powerful solution provides superior price/performance in an easy-to-use product suite and delivers fast and accurate results.

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