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Saros offers a wide range of industry-leading products and solutions for design data management, design implementation, simulation, and verification. We can help you to significantly improve your operational efficiency that will enable you to stay ahead of your competition for the years to come!

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BluePrint is a revolutionary new document authoring tool that automates the PCB documentation process. It is also a state-of-the-art process for sharing and viewing documentation. BluePrint-PCB serves as a central repository for archiving and building anywhere anytime.

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CAM350 offers a complete PCB Fabrication Flow that Streamlines the transition of engineering data into a physical PCB. This powerful solution provides superior price/performance in an easy-to-use product suite and delivers fast and accurate results.

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HDL Designer Series

With deep analysis capabilities, advanced creation editors, and complete project and flow management, HDL Designer delivers a powerful HDL design environment.

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HyperLynx Series

The HyperLynx suite of tools eliminates signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early in the design cycle—enabling you to verify your layout before manufacturing. These simulation tools come ready to use in virtually any design flow and offer unprecedented ease-of-use.

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LeonardoSpectrum™ offers customers a well-proven, mature synthesis solution for both FPGAs and ASICs.

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The combination of industry-leading, native SKS performance with the best integrated debug and analysis environment make ModelSim the simulator of choice for both ASIC and FPGA design.

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Precision Series

The Precision range of RTL logic synthesis tools provides FPGA vendor-independent logic synthesis offering reduced time to market, fewer design defects, and superior quality of results. The powerful optimisation engines, context sensitive GUI, and advanced timing algorithms result in faster designs with higher device utilisations.

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Questa Advanced Simulator

Combines high performance and capacity simulation with unified advanced debug capabilities for the most complete native support of Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL, SystemC, PSL and UPF.

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Questa Formal Verification

The Questa Formal Verification tool complements simulation-based RTL design verification by analyzing all possible behaviors of the design to detect any reachable error states.

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The ability to completely trace and manage design requirements from specification through implementation is simply “good project management”. ReqTracer™ facilitates the deployment of a requirements management process while allowing the project teams to focus on their implementation and verification work for maximum efficiency.

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