The HyperLynx suite of tools eliminates signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early in the design cycle—enabling you to verify your layout before manufacturing. These simulation tools come ready to use in virtually any design flow and offer unprecedented ease-of-use.

Hyperlynx tools circle

Key Features and Benefits

  • Shorten time to market by identifying SI problems early and helping to eliminating PCB re-spins
  • Improved EMC performance leading to faster EMC compliance approval
  • Reduced costs due to reduced layer count and removal of unnecessary terminations.
  • Risk reduction with better quality products, integration with all major CAD flows, and ease of use

Studies have shown that saving two PCB re-spins will typically recoup the cost of the HyperLynx tool. For companies designing a reasonable number of high speed boards the return on investment could be as little as three months.