Leonardo Spectrum

LeonardoSpectrum offers customers a well-proven, mature synthesis solution for both FPGAs and ASICs.


  • Mature synthesis tool for designing PLDs, FPGAs and ASICs, in VHDL or Verilog
  • Supports many current and legacy FPGA devices and ASIC families
  • Highly controllable advanced synthesis algorithms
  • Language neutrality, and both platform- and target-device independence


  • One tool, one easy learning curve, one set of scripts -- for CPLDs, FPGAs, or ASICs
  • Provides high quality of results with the speed and features needed for large designs
  • True hierarchical support allows for easy grouping of design elements, enabling a single design to be partitioned across multiple devices
  • LeonardoInsight™ schematic viewer accelerates synthesis analysis