Precision Series

The Precision range of RTL logic synthesis tools provides FPGA vendor-independent logic synthesis offering reduced time to market, fewer design defects, and superior quality of results. The powerful optimisation engines, context sensitive GUI, and advanced timing algorithms result in faster designs with higher device utilisations.

Introducing the Precision Series

The Precision product range includes Precision RTL, Precision RTL Plus, and Precision Physical covering the complete range of synthesis requirements from small FPGA design through to the largest Vertex and Stratix devices.

Features Precision RTL Precision RTL Plus Precision Physical
Advanced Optimization Algorthms
RTL & Technology Schematic Viewers
Vendor Independence
Interactive Static Timing Analysis
Gated Clock Conversions
DSP & RAM Inference Optimizations
SystemVerilog Support
Register Retiming
Physically Aware Synthesis
Incremental Synthesis Design Flows
Resource Manager
Advanced Physical Synthesis
PreciseView Debug
Placement Reuse/ECO

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-performance, easy-to-use, vendor-independent RTL synthesis solution
  • Supports VHDL, Verilog, and EDIF language input
  • Powerful RTL and technology schematic viewers
  • Advanced retiming algorithm to improve performance
  • Interactive static-timing analysis quickly performs "what-if" timing analysis scenarios
  • Gated clock conversion and DesignWareTM support for ASIC prototyping
  • Support for industry standards with SystemVerilog and SynopsysTM Design Constraints (SDC) format
  • Design Bar guides users step by step through synthesis, analysis, placement and routing
  • Optional Register Retiming algorithm moves registers across logic to improve performance