The ability to completely trace and manage design requirements from specification through implementation is simply “good project management”. ReqTracer™ facilitates the deployment of a requirements management process while allowing the project teams to focus on their implementation and verification work for maximum efficiency.

It is only when functionality and verification results fully meet the requirements that a project is complete and the project team can confidently put the product into production. This is beneficial to all projects, but especially needed in Safety Critical applications and mandatory for DO-254 certification, where product failure could result in injuries or fatalities.


ReqTracer links, manages and tracks hardware requirements from multiple sources throughout the design process. A key point of ReqTracer is the requirements remain in your existing documentation tools, be that Word, Frame Maker, Open Office, etc..., so no new tool needs to be learnt.

It provides easy documentation and reports at any stage, and manages the impact of requirement changes. The result - better control and predictability of design schedules and improved overall product quality.