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Purpose built Product Lifecycle Management

Arena invented Cloud PLM and is the clear market leader with over 1,300 customers worldwide. Everything we do is focused on helping product companies deliver high quality products to market fast to gain first-mover advantages, increase profitability, and attract legions of loyal customers.

If you create complex products with distributed teams and supply chain partners, we help you stay ahead of the competition. Arena enables real-time collaboration throughout the NPD and NPI process to eliminate barriers, reduce costs, and increase profitability. We are driven to help you succeed.

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The Challenge

Distributed teams struggle to keep track of the latest product design with scattered silos of information. Innovative products require electrical, mechanical, and software teams to collaborate with external partners throughout the product development process.

Product Lifecycle Management Challenge

How We Help

Arena brings product information, people, and processes together into a single solution to speed your product realization processes. With cloud-based PLM, it is easy to deploy, configure, and use anytime and anywhere — enabling everyone visibility throughout new product development and introduction (NPD/NPI).

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Arena Fast


Arena’s platform is designed to ensure maximum usability and scalability. Start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and their suppliers rely on Arena to accelerate their product development processes. Internal and external teams can immediately use Arena without cumbersome configuration or training exercises. Accessing Arena from any browser anytime around the world is easy. It’s your fastest path to ROI.​

Arena Affordable


Our proven implementation methodology means improved product processes without costly coding and risky implementations. Arena’s cloud solution ensures easy setup, quick user adoption, and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). No consultants required.

Arena Easy


Arena provides the next generation of cloud user interfaces, designed to simplify management of product information between our customers and their partners. Our comprehensive multi-tenant infrastructure maximizes performance, reduces cost, and automates recovery while allowing us to deliver regular enhancements painlessly to drive increased value.

Key Capabilities

Explore Arena's product realisation platform capabilities

BOM Management

BOM Management

Arena manages complex assemblies that include mechanical components, electrical components, software, and documentation. With Arena’s intelligent BOM management solution, everyone can be confident they are always working on the right revision.


Collaboration Solutions

Trusted partners can participate in your change and quality processes as approvers, initiators, implementers, or any other role they provide to your business. Arena’s access policies let you enable collaboration quickly and maintain it easily for tens or hundreds of partners.

Document Control

Document Management

Providing your team members instant, controlled access to documents streamlines your critical processes. Without proper version control documentation for all business functions, people spend too much time working off the wrong data and re-creating existing data.

Change Management

Change Management

With Arena, you can create, route, track, and release engineering changes quickly and effectively. Change processes are accelerated with automated routings based on specified criteria including change types, priorities, product lines, and other key attributes. Reviewers receive instant notification.

Item Management

Item Management

Managing items in Arena provides clarity around your product design. Arena structures part and document information into a complete and accurate item record because detailed item management is also important to accurately configure your hierarchal bill of materials (BOM) structures.

Project Management

Project Management

Project progress can be tracked through customizable phases with assignable milestones and tasks. Referencing links to items, changes, files, requests, and even other Arena projects gives users the ability to confirm task completion by seeing direct updates to the product record in context.

Demand Analysis

Demand Analysis

Arena Demand enables OEM’s to see their aggregate usage of both low and high-cost components, quickly and easily. Now OEMs can find, track, roll-up, and count even the most inexpensive components, turning pennies into dollars – and in some volumes – millions.

Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Integration

Arena’s application programming interface (API) helps streamline new product introduction (NPI) processes by simplifying integration to upstream or downstream systems (e.g. ERP, CAD, CRM). You can create your own integration or leverage any of our many existing integrations.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Completely integrated with Arena PLM records and processes to ensure engineers, manufacturing, quality and supply chain teams have in-context visibility to all quality issues as they design, review, improve, and build your products. Specifically, it enables companies to create and better meet their regulatory standards.