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IT Solutions

With our range of IT Solutions you can create, deploy and run any required IT infrastructure virutally in the cloud. This has proven to be an effective way to reduce costs whilst increasing infrastructure efficiency, agility, and security.

Software Defined Infrastructure

Software Defined Infrastructure

The need to make infrastructure more portable and distributed in an effective, standardised, and repeatable way requires a new approach to managing infrastructure.

Cyber Security

Cyber Range Sandbox

Cyber ranges are complex lab infrastructures comprised of multi-vendor hardware and software components and tools. This diversity and complexity creates a steep learning curve for cyber-range personnel to become productive and can impede the cyber range’s effectiveness.

Private, Hybrid & Public Clouds

Private, Hybrid & Public Clouds

Creating, delivering, and running clouds should not require highly specialised skills or the sacrificing of security and control of your infrastructure. Enterprises need a solution that allows their infrastructure to be run private or public bare metal and can be ported across them easily.

Dev Ops

Virtual Test Lab

Create virtual replicas of your production environment to use for development, testing, demos, training and support.

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