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Private, Hybrid & Public Clouds


Replace legacy hardware with software defined infrastructure clouds.

Creating, delivering, and running clouds should not require highly specialised skills or the sacrificing of security and control of your infrastructure. Enterprises need a solution that allows their infrastructure to be run private or public bare metal and can be ported across them easily.

Cypherpath SDI OS is an enterprise OS that integrates compute, virtualisation, networking, and storage into a scale-out stack for deploying private, hybrid and public clouds on bare metal hardware.

True Hyper-Convergence

Cypherpath SDI OS delivers true hyper-convergence by integrating networking with compute and storage at the OS level. Run each cloud and all of its dependencies as self-contained files on any commodity hardware.

Seamless Cloud

Access Cypherpath SDI OS on private or managed public bare metal for seamless and consistent cloud operations. Create, deploy and run clouds on or off premise anytime, anywhere.

Cypherpath Overview

Cypherpath SDI OS can be installed to any bare metal x86 server. Cypherpath then leverages true hyperconvergence to natively integrate compute, networking, virtualisation, and storage at the OS level providing a platform capable of running clouds as a file (CaaF). The cloud infrastructure is isolated and abstracted away from the underlying physical hardware. This enables multiple cloud environments to be continuously deployed.

Cypherpath’s web interface provides a single pane of glass for administration of infrastructure environments, system, and user monitoring. Control tenancies and quotas dynamically while providing role based access permissions for users to cloud resources. Generate system and user reports while providing users with the capability to self-provision entire infrastructure environments and collaborate together. Seamlessly integrate with other systems using a simple RESTFul API.

Key Benefits

Self-provision clouds to meet new business initiatives on-demand.

Deploy on private or managed public x86 servers and run a cloud in less than 10 minutes.

One platform for delivering repeatable and standardized clouds at scale, composed of any workloads.

Dynamically scale resources up/down as needed and without constraints.

Focus on apps and services instead of managing the underlying infrastructure.

Dramatically reduces costs by up to 80% by unifying IT while making infrastructure simpler and more efficient.

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