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Veloce Prototyping represents the industry’s most powerful and versatile approach to FPGA prototyping. The Veloce proFPGA system architecture offers best-in-class modularity, scalability, flexibility and portability to serve the verification requirements of today’s hardware and software engineers.

Driven by the ever increasing software contents and chip complexity, FPGA based prototyping has become an essential tool in today’s SoC and ASIC designs and verification.

Veloce proFPGA dramatically lowers the adoption barrier of the FPGA desktop prototype solution. Together with the performance that is possible to reach thanks to its architecture innovations, the solution is easy to deploy and engineers can now bring-up on their own lab environment quickly and reliably.

Introducing Veloce proFPGA

The Veloce proFPGA platform offers three types of motherboards: Uno, Duo, and Quad. These motherboards allow different types of FPGA modules to be easily plugged in and mixed as well as peripheral memory and protocol interface boards. An engineer can start with the proFPGA Uno system for IP or sub system on a chip (SoC) development and can reuse it for the complete SoC and ASIC prototyping. This is accomplished by simply plugging in the same Veloce proFPGA modules from the Uno, on a Duo or Quad motherboard regardless of the type of FPGA used on the new systems.

Veloce proFPGA Quad

Versatile FPGA Prototyping

The proFPGA product family is a complete and modular multi-FPGA solution, which meets the highest requirements in FPGA based Prototyping. The proFPGA product series consists of three types of motherboards, different kinds of FPGA Modules, a set of interconnection boards/cables, and various daughter boards like DDR3/DDR4 memory boards or high speed interface boards like PCIe gen3, QSFP28 or USB 3.0.

It addresses customers who need a scalable and flexible high speed ASIC Prototyping and IP verification solution for early software development and real time system verification. The innovative system concept and technologies offer the highest flexibility and reusability for several projects, which guarantees the best return on investment.

proFPGA Parallel Use Mode

The Veloce proFPGA Prototyping Platform can be divided into configurable virtual sub-systems. The Parallel Use Mode is supported by single-motherboard and multi-motherboard systems. Additionally, exclusive and shared motherboard resources such as clocks and sync events are available. This mode enables a concurrent and independent access to each sub-system, therefore, each can be independently configured, booted up or shut down, controlled and monitored.

Highest FPGA Flexibility in ASIC Prototyping

The system architecture is based on a modular and scalable system concept, which offers the highest flexibility on the market. You can use different FPGA types in one system or scale your system in increments of one FPGA. As the user has nearly 100% access to all available I/Os on the FPGA, the prototyping system can be adapted in the best way to any user design. The system can be scaled horizontally and vertically, by connecting boards side by side or stacking several boards on top of each other in a rack.

Use Cases

  • Validating the (embedded) software in the context of the chip or HW IP
  • Validating the system (HW and SW) with live interfaces
  • Proof of concept and / or demo to potential customers
  • Field tests e.g. automotive
  • Can’t afford or justify an emulator
  • Performance – no other way to run enough verification cycles

Key Benefits

  • High-performance pre-silicon solution for software enablement and system validation
  • Scalable from a single FPGA to billions of gates
  • Best-in-class modularity and flexibility
  • Fast bring-up and easy-to-use
  • Timely support for new FPGA devices
  • Multi-user support with single FPGA granularity
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The Veloce proFPGA system architecture offers best-in-class modularity, scalability, flexibility and portability to serve the verification requirements of today’s hardware and software engineers.

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