The HyperLynx suite of tools eliminates signal integrity, crosstalk, and EMC problems early in the design cycle—enabling you to verify your layout before manufacturing. These simulation tools come ready to use in virtually any design flow and offer unprecedented ease-of-use.

Scalable High-speed System Design & Verification

Scalable High-speed System Design & Verification

HyperLynx combines ease of use with automated workflows to make high-speed design analysis accessible to mainstream system designers. This allows problems to be identified and resolved early in the design cycle. HyperLynx works with multiple PCB tools and is an ideal addition to any PCB design flow.

HyperLynx Product Family

HyperLynx is a complete family of analysis tools for high-speed electronic design including Electrical Design Rule Checking (DRC/ERC), Signal Integrity (SI), Power Integrity (PI), with integrated 2D/2.5D/3D Electromagnetic Modeling (3D EM). Discover and correct problems earlier in your design cycle using advanced simulation techniques to predict how your design will behave. Pre-route design simulation lets you explore alternatives to make informed design decisions, while post-route verification lets you perform detailed sign-off analysis before committing a design to fabrication. Increase your chance of first-pass design success by using HyperLynx to optimize your design’s performance and reliability.

The HyperLynx family provides a complete analysis flow

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Evaluate design tradeoffs with pre-layout analysis and validate designs prior to fab with post-layout analysis. Supports SerDes channels, DDRx memory interfaces, and general-purpose signal integrity.

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HyperLynx PI

Design and validate a board’s power-delivery network (PDN) to meet impedance goals in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment and optimize designs for cost and performance.

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HyperLynx DRC

Fast, rules-based electrical design verification for PCB designers, system designers, and SI/PI/EMC experts, regardless of their layout tool or level of domain expertise.

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HyperLynx Full-Wave Solver

Solves small, critical structures up to very high frequencies, typically for SerDes channels. Solver jobs can be distributed across all the cores in a computer and across multiple machines.

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HyperLynx Fast 3D Solver

Ideally suited for power integrity, low-frequency SSN/SSO, and complete-system SPICE model generation while accounting for skin effect impact on resistance and inductance.

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HyperLynx Thermal

Simulates conduction, convection and radiation, and produces temperature profiles, gradients, and excess temperature maps, resolving board and component overheating early in the design process.

Studies have shown that saving two PCB re-spins will typically recoup the cost of the tool. For companies designing a reasonable number of high speed boards the return on investment could be as little as three months.

Key Benefits

  • Shorten time to market by identifying SI problems early and helping to eliminating PCB re-spins
  • Improved EMC performance leading to faster EMC compliance approval
  • Reduced costs due to reduced layer count and removal of unnecessary terminations.
  • Risk reduction with better quality products, integration with all major CAD flows, and ease of use
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Unified Design & Verification

HyperLynx is industry-renowned for ease of use, with automated workflows that make sophisticated PCB analysis accessible to designers new to power and signal integrity analysis.

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