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Virtual Test Lab


Create virtual replicas of your production environment to use for development, testing, demos, training and support.

With innovative apps delivering a growing stream of new services, you need to create and deploy new services faster than ever before. Growing application and service complexity, new capabilities like SDN, and NFV, and new continuous integration and deployment tools create not only support challenges but also produce new opportunities for innovation. This new reality requires bringing DevOps agility to development and test labs.

Our Virtual Test Lab as a Service solution enables your developers, testers, and operations engineers to quickly create and test complex and realistic sandboxed production networks much more easily and earlier in the development cycle.

Virtual Test Lab Overview

Our solution can be fully virtualised, or a hybrid including your existing physical test equipment, and depends on Cypherpath’s Software Defined Infrastructure. Cypherpath SDI OS can be installed to any bare metal x86 server. Cypherpath then leverages true hyperconvergence to natively integrate compute, networking, virtualisation, and storage at the OS level providing a platform capable of running infrastructure clouds. The cloud infrastructure is isolated and abstracted away from the underlying physical hardware, enabling multiple cloud environments to be continuously deployed. Cypherpath can be run on private or managed public bare metal for seamless and consistent cloud operations. Create, deploy and run clouds on or off premise anytime, anywhere.

Preconfigured inside one of these clouds sits Quali’s CloudShell Sandboxing and Orchestration platform, along with any required virtual test equipment such as Ixia’s full suite of products; including BreakingPoint, IxLoad, IxNetwork and Developer. Running on the bare metal of a commodity server, and preconfigured to allow instant testing, this solution offers a complete, turn-key solution for testing equipment, all within a single file.

Key Features

Model Infrastructure and Applications

Create virtual replicas of your production environment to use for development, testing, demos, training and support. The Device / System Under Test (DUT/SUT) can be physical hardware or a virtual machine that can also be put inside the Virtual Test Lab.


Create powerful orchestration workflows inside of your lab. Snapshot, save, restore, configure, and monitor resources with ease. Developers can use Quali’s native Python libraries to create orchestration while non-programmers can use Quali’s visual drag-and-drop authoring tool.

Clouds as Files

Each cloud is executed as its own single file and is treated just like a document so it can be edited, copied, shared, and backed up.


Scale clouds as needed, on site or in the cloud, and without constraints.


Fully virtualised, the Virtual Test Lab is available on-demand, reusable, easily replicated, and self-service.

Reduce Risk & Improve Product Quality

Your ability to accurately replicate a complex environment in the lab very early in the development process means fewer bugs found in test, QA, production or at the customer level.

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