OneSpin 360


OneSpin's solutions enable the most thorough and easiest to use logic verification available. OneSpin’s solutions increase the productivity of design and verification teams, transforming formal verification into a broadly applicable engineering practice.

OneSpin provides the most advanced and robust verification platform to address today's critical IC integrity issues, for use across the entire System-on-Chip (SoC) design flow. These solutions assure that designs are functionally correct, safe and meet stringent safety compliance standards, trusted and secure.

OneSpin Solutions

OneSpin 360 Products

OneSpin provides 2 major product lines, OneSpin 360 DV and OneSpin 360 EC. Design Verification (DV): Rigorous coverage-driven functional verification from block to chip, leveraging unique formal technology. Equivalence Checking (EC): Automatic detection of systematic design errors introduced by design refinement tools (e.g. synthesis) to exhaustively verify equivalence of RTL to synthesized netlist to final place & route.

All products are based on a joint formal platform providing common functionality for design entry, prove engines, debugging, cloud support and programming interfaces. In addition specializations for unique application spaces and 3rd party extensions are available.


An automatic sequential Equivalence Checking tool that provides a fast and efficient method to ensure that aggressive synthesis optimizations have not introduced systematic errors that could disrupt the final design.

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360 DV-Inspect is used to eliminate errors prior to verification or synthesis. The RTL code is targeted using multiple techniques to achieve a rigorous and exhaustive analysis.

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360 DV-Verify is a unified coverage-driven assertion-based verification solution. It is a combination of a fully functional, high-performance formal property analyser with a unique assertion coverage evaluator.

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Meeting Safety Standards in Development

The internationally-recognized testing body TÜV SÜD successfully completed a series of factory inspections and audits of OneSpin’s organization and tool development processes. This conformance level enables OneSpin to provide certified formal verification solutions meeting tool qualification requirements set by functional safety standards (ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 50128). As a result, OneSpin's formal tools and solutions can be applied by customers up to the highest safety integrity levels (ASIL D and SIL 3). OneSpin offers Tool Qualification Kits for individual products based on certification from TÜV SÜD, removing the burden of tool qualification from users.

EC-FPGA Qualification