Questa Lint


Questa Lint delivers verification automation for designers. Questa Lint produces intent and quality-focused insight at the design stage. Questa Lint’s metrics and quality scores are captured and trended over time to ensure that design stays clean.

Questa Lint provides actionable results with low noise. Questa Lint reviews reported issues, then uses its deep understanding of every issue known to provide results different than inferred intent (as well as those known to cause false violations), to adapt the results. This results in Questa Lint reporting only the issues that need to be fixed, and in the order of those that matter most, resulting in actionable results and faster fix cycles.


Mistakes happen, but finding and fixing issues late in programs increases overall program scope, as well as schedule and resource requirements. Competitive pressures push teams constantly to do more. Functional verification teams face significant challenges to build testbenches quickly, uncover design issues and enable rapid debug. Incomplete or incorrect bug fixes (or even a hurried introduction of new bugs) compound the problem.

Questa Lint provides a fast check of your RTL, without waiting for a testbench, looking for completeness and consistency issues. Using syntactic, semantic, stylistic, and structural analyses, Questa Lint identifies issues when introduced, preventing issues from becoming more expensive to fix later. Results are presented in intuitive visualizations, with metrics and quality scores summarizing detailed information in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Questa Lint screenshot

Out-of-the-box results

Questa Lint implements pre-configured methodologies for IP, SoC, and FPGA development to improve your team’s productivity from the start. Questa Lint also offers pre-built checksets for industry standards such as ISO 26262, DO-254, STARC. You can also configure your own methodologies and goals.

Adaptive insights

Discovering issues by applying deep learning of known issues, Questa Lint reports only the issues that are different from inferred intent and need attention. Questa Lint scores design quality to indicate which integrated IP blocks may cause issues later.

Ensure your design stays clean

Questa Lint integrates into popular Continuous Integration management tools, ensuring that throughout the development process, a design, once proven clean, remains that way.

From immeadiate results to custom methodologies

Architected to provide immediate out-of-the-box results, Questa Lint implements pre-configured methodologies for IP, FPGA or SoC development. Each of these methodologies offers an array of pre-defined readiness goals, such as floor-planning or synthesis readiness. In addition, there are pre-built checksets supporting industry standards such as DO-254, ISO-26262 or STARC. Once familiar with the tool, you can configure your own methodologies and checks to enable Questa Lint to enforce your development methodology, either through release-focused reviews or through continuous integration flows.